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Rusmet Analytics & Market Research

RUSMET was established in 1997 on the basis of the Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys in order to provide Russian metals market with timely information and market research. Today RUSMET's mission is to provide markets with comprehensive news, prices indications, statistics, research reports. Key specialization of RUSMET is metals markets including scrap.

In more than 13 years of its existence dozens of market research reports were provided by RUSMET for various organizations including Russian and foreign metallurgical companies, international rating agencies and consulting companies, oil corporations, cement manufacturers, and state institutions.

Market Research Performed by Rusmet in 2005–2011
March 2013

World Market of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap in 2007–2012

57 pages report

January 2013

Research of Perspective Development Directions (proposal and feasibility study of four projects) for one of CIS metal holdingsCIS

350 pages report

Janyary-December 2012

Russian Mining and Metallurgy Financial, Economic and Production Indices Monitoring and Analysis

250–300 pages monthly

August 2012

Coated Flat-Rolled Steel Import to Russia in July 2012


June 2012

APEC Mining Task Force Priorities Proposal Based on Mining Activity Analysis in APEC Region

438 pages report

February 2012

Metal Scrap Supply for Russian Federation’s Largest Plants in 2011


December 2011

Russian Market of Ferrous Scrap Metals in 2005–2015

October 2011

Cement Import to Russian Federation in June–August 2011


October 2011

Research for Steel Scrap Grade 3A: Quantity and Dynamics of Price of Purchase by Regions and by Steel Mills of Russia in 2009–2011

17 pages report

June 2011

Mining and Metals Industry of Kazakhstan: Development in 2010–2015

105 pages report

August 2010

Global Market Research for Steel Bar of Carbon and Alloyed Steel. Recommendations for Product Line and Equipment of the New Bar Rolling Mill

288 pages report

August 2010

Forecast of Steel Bar Consumption in Kazakhstan in 2010–2015. Production Capacities of Kazakhstan for Steel Bar

8 pages report

April 2010

Domestic Supply and International Trade of Ferrous Scrap in 2009


April 2010

Import of Tubes and Fittings to Russian Federation in March 2010


March 2010

Import of ERW Stainless Tubes to Russian Federation in 2008–2009


December 2009

Steel Industry of Russia in 2009. Forecast for the Industry and for the Market of Ferrous Metals in 2010

105 pages report

December 2009

Import of Galvanized Steel Coils with Polymer Coating to Russian Federation in June–October 2009


December 2009

Export of Ferroalloys and Products of Ferrous Metals from Far East Federal Region of Russia in 2006–2009

49 pages report

November 2009

Production of Cement in Russia by Mills and Holdings in 2007–2009

9 pages report

September 2009

Production of Drilling Pipes in Russian Federation 2005–2011

7 pages report

September 2009

Import of ERW Stainless Tubes to Russian Federation in 2002–2009

186 pages report

September 2008

Russian Market of Hot Rolled Steel Sheets

36 pages report

September 2008

Russian Market of Hot Rolled Steel Coils

44 pages report

September 2008

Russian Market of Hot Rolled Seamless Tubes

211 pages report

August 2008

Russian Market of Tinplate

55 pages report

July 2008

Russian Market of Construction Reinforced Bar

35 pages report

March 2008

Russian Market of Steel Channels

17 pages report

February 2008

Domestic Supply and International Trade of Steel Products in 2007


January 2008

Research of a Large Russian Steel Trader, Specialized in Processing and Sales of Steel Products with Protective Coatings

38 pages report

November 2007

Russian Market of Hot Rolled Steel Products: Flat, Bar and Section

147 pages report

October 2007

Russian Market of Service for Hot Dip Galvanizing of Steel Structures

154 pages report

September 2007

Russian Market of Rails

73 pages report

September 2007

Turkish Market of Special Steel

12 pages report

August 2007

Production Capacities of Steel Mills of Russia and CIS for Flat Steel and Bar Steel Products

46 pages report

July 2007

Russian Market of ERW Pipes of Diameter 100–630 mm

177 pages report

March 2007

New Capacities for Flat Steel and Bar Steel Products Planned for Commissioning in Russia till 2010 Included

6 pages report

March 2007

Global Market of Galvanized Steel

21 pages report

February 2007

Russian Market of Bars for Reinforcement of Concrete Structures (Steel Bars and Rebars) and Possible Effects for the Market from Lifting the Duty on the Steel Bars of Ukrainian origin

22 pages report

January 2007

Russian Tube Market. Summary of the Year 2006

8 pages report

December 2006

Price Dynamics for Construction Reinforced Bar A3 in the North West Federal Region of Russia

17 pages report

November 2006

Russian Market of Hot Rolled Flat Steel

69 pages report

July 2006

Markets of Crome Ore and Ferrochrome

87 pages report

March 2005

Russian Market of Small and Medium Diameter Welded Tubes

41 pages report